B20z2 Usdm Vs. B16a2

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Sup guyz, I was just wondering if any of you guys can help me out. I have a 2000 civic hatch dx and i just did a b16a2 swap like two months ago, but now i was thinking about swaping the longblock into a b20z2. Which one will perform better? Will my car run faster with the b16asir2 or the b20z2 usdm? I do know that the b20z2 has around 144 torque, but it doesn't has high horsepower like the b16asir2 so i was just wondering which will be better. I'm not plan to add boost or anything right now, but in the future i will so please anybody help me out.


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i think you should hold off on the swap for awhile. you should sell the head for that b20z and use the cash to build the b20 bottom end. have you thought about a cr/vtec swap? you have a perfect opportunity to build a great engine. since you already have a running engine in your car you can build the b20 block and you wont need it for a while.

if you think boost could be in your future you should get some new rods and pistons to go low cr, get the block sleeved and bored and get a z10 crank girdle.

if you think you want to run n/a you should get new rods and pistons for high cr, get the block sleeved and bored and get a z10 crank girdle.

for both of these your going to want to run your vtec oil line, but once that block is built you would have one vastly more pwerful motor than the b16 you have now.
yeah, you're right, but i'm not going to add anything to it right now because i'm going to college this coming summer too so i just want to stay all stock. Will the b20z2 run faster since it has more torque and since my car is sort of light? Or wil the b16asir2 run faster because it has a good top end? thanks.


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its tough to say cause the b16a has a higher redline and that healps with the low gears. with the b20z i'm pretty sure you would have to do a 2-3 shift on your 0-60 run and that would slow you down, however i think the b20z may be quicker in the 1/4 for you. but aren't you gonna miss vtec?
of course, i'll miss vtec because my vtec engage at 4,800rpm. Also, my vtec sound hella loud too even though i don't have exhaust. It sound much loud than my friend's civic coupe with gsr motor. LOL.. I mean vtec is good, but if you don't have torque then it don't really help you to get a good accelerate. So the b20z2 will run better? I talked to my local import shop the other day and they are just gotta trade a b20z2 longblock with my b16asir2 longblock. By the way, I'm running obd1 with gsr p28 ecu with chipped. Aight thanks.
by the way, my tranny is a gsr tranny. I have one more question. How much does your local import shop charge you from doing a longblock swap? Mine they want $400 for it. thanks


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i live in wyoming so there is no such thing as a "local import shop". today is actually going to be my first day going to the local machinist, i'm bringing my b18b block to get it checked out. i guess i'll find out what he's going to want for me to possibly get it sleeved.

the gsr tranny should be a good compromise for that b20 engine, it a should still be quicker with the b20 becasue of the greater amount of torque, but i bet your trapspeed will be about the same. if you haven't already you should ditch your spare tire and jack.


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you just did a B16a2 swap and now you want to swap it out for something else? :blink: :huh: some people have way to much money. <_<

Instead of spendeing more money on a swap, you would be better off putting you money into the B16a2. Its a good engine with a shit load of parts, probably the most supported Import eninge in the aftermarket. Tunning that engine would help you out a lot. The B20's arent nearly as well supported in the aftermarket as the b16a's. If you want more TQ the it would probably be cheaper and better in the longrun to either turbo it or get a stroker kit, TODA has then and there balanced and blueprinted as well.


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i agree if he was spending money for the swap he should just build the b16a but he said his shop is just gonna trade him straight across. he said he wanted more torque too, and he's running a gsr tranny so i think the b20 would be a better setup for him.


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B20v swap is the way, especially with a short trans . . . Just gotta have all the right parts so nothing blows up


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thanks for the input
its about 13 and a half years too late though

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