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What would you recomend?
i have a limited budget but was thinking Header, Exhaust, Intake and Clutch. So specific components would be nice too :D

I changed out my plugs too NGK platinum +4s and put a new distributor and rotor on.

I know its not a really mod friendly car but its what i got :blink:
Don't know the level of support for that motor but you can get the basics,custom if you have to,intake and exhaust no problem.For a header I would look around,call a few places and see if anything cross references with that motor,I know some of the older cars share a few parts.Or you could have a header,custom cut flanges and bent,I've seen it here,and it turned out good.Suspension shouldn't be a problem.
well i need a muffler and from my looking around it has to be custom bent pipe (the 4ws is in the way)
what are some suggestions for mufflers? I like Greddy but really havent heard ne of em.