Banned PS2 ad.

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I don't think this has ever happened.

For once, I thank myself for only having 56gay, so I can't view this movie.
I knew what was going to happen. You all saw that it was his thumb right? :ph34r: I called that one. It didn't really surprise me since I just got back from Sweden and I am used to the European view on sexuality.

I was watching MTV one drunk night at like 3:00 am, 50 Cent "In the Club": all the hoes were ASS naked. I was like W...T...F...
Rich rappers tend to get away with the maximum they can get away with, in the maximum environment they can sell to.

I had no clue that there would be a buck-naked version of the Club video. I mean, where the hell does that fit in with the song ?


man, ANY rap video is the perfect environment for nekid big booty bitches

it doesnt matter what the song is abbout or who its by... the unedited video has AT LEAST 4 naked bitches in it