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:worthy: Oh great boost gurus I have a question. What is the best way to design a turbo manifold? I have been looking around at how people build turbo manifolds and I have seen two different designs, and was wondering which is better (more stable, and reliable)
Setup 1: the manifold collects the gases from all the cylinders into 1 pipe and then splits that pipe into two pieces. Piece one just goes on to the cat, while piece 2 is routed to the turbo, and then out to the cat.
Setup 2 just collects all the gases into 1 pipe and sends that to the turbo.

So, again to restate the question I guess, is setup 2 dangerous in that the turbo is getting alot of exhaust gases?

I know this is a really st00pid question, but I just haven't seen anything on it so far in my quest for knowledge.
perhaps he means the pipe going into the cat would be the external wastegate exhaust pipe, going back into the main exhaust flow???

1 external wastegate

2 internal wastegate

if that is what youre asking, i dont think either would be dangerous to the turbo, they are made to withstand ridiculous levels of heat
Well, thanks for the consideration of trying to answer my strange question. Once I actually understand more about a turbo system then I will try to reask the question....
the best turbo manifold is one that is thick and doesn't crack at the welds.
the best turbo manifold is equal length
the best turbo manifold doesn't exist... its per application
see this site yet? I dunno, they show how they do it. I plan on throwing on a trubo like how they show. but that was just how I would do it, I don't know if they are right or wrong but they have done it to a few cars it seems so I'm guessing they are right....
Turbo manifolds work best like this...
-All runnersshould be thick and strong to withstand all of the temp.
-all runners collect right before the turbo to create a constant flow of exhaust pulses to the turbine.
-All runners to not be extremely large(diameter) because there needs to be pressure on the turbine blades to spin them.
-From the down pipe back needs to be large(minimum amount of back pressure) so it dosen't slow the turbine blades.

Hope this helps!