Battery Fuse Blows! (B20 Block + B18C Head.)

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Greetings Everyone,

i have one basic question.

I have an Acura Integra 1997 with a B20 Engine(B20 Block + B18C Head), ITR Cams, Skunk2 Injectors, Among Other things that doesn't matter for this case.

The Point is, i had an overheating problem the other day, that turned very bad, had to change the cyl head gasket and correct the base of the head.
now, after that change, my battery fuse keeps blowing. the previous owner(i just bought it) told me to buy a 150A Jetta IV Fuse, he said that that's the correct one for my car. i compared the rest of the first one and the one i bought (To Test) from VW Shop and they match, so that one the car was using.

the top of the fuse box and the manual says very clearly that a 100A Fuse is to be used. So, i bought a couple of 100A Fused, and when i try to start the car, No Luck. It Blows Immediately.

So my question is, is there a need to use a higher amp fuse in there? or there is a problem(grounded cable or misplaced cable) in the car's wiring.?

Thanks in advance.