Battery Relocate

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Hello everyone! I had this problem since I owned my 89 crx the short ram intake touches the + of the battery and shorts out my car. Now that I am in the process of a swap. I was wondering if any of you guys relocated the battery to the trunk. What kits would you recommend?
Want to do it the right way? This is what i used in my Eagle Talon, NHRA approved but not over kill for a daily driver...

Jegs Battery Box or tray:
Part Number: 555-10260(box kit with all wiring) / / 555-10262(Tray with all wiring no box)

Jegs Firewall junction connector: (This is so you can safely route a positive power battery wire through the firewall without the risk of a grommet failing and causing a fire in the car when it grounds)
Part Number: 555-10317 (through firewall connector)

Good luck with your install, hope i was of some help.
Here is an easy explaination:

1. Ground the original negative in the front.
2. Find some way to secure the battery in the trunk (make a tray or buy one and weld or bolt it in)
3. Run a 4 guage wire from the original positive in the front to the trunk (through the fire wall and under the interior carpet) then re-attach it to the positve of the battery.
4. Ground the negative terminal of the battery in the trunk with a 4 guage wire.

There is a hole on the passenger side of the firewall already to pass the positive wire through.

A problem that ive had a couple times in the past two years with this set up is that the ground connection where it is attached to the car in back gets oxidized and the car won't start (like having a dead battery), but you just have to sand it off and put ot back on.
I just grounded mine to the hold down for the spare in the back, and ran a 2 gauge i beleive wire under the car using zip ties.... seems to work fine for the last couple of years.