BBk or aebs or blox manifold

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I wanna get rid of my GSR stock intake manifold. Which one would you buy out of the above for boost? <_<
I will go with "D" JG Edelbrock I hear it's great for boost and I know multiple people running it on their GSR Turbo. I haven't heard anything about the BBK and the AEBS is really good for an all motor setup, oh and fuck Blox. Just my .02
Hehe i was going with a "JG" but i come across the other manifolds, so the reason i asked was that maybe theres not much difference between them. I hear that BBK is supposed to be a copy of the JG only it has a 70mm inlet?

hmm im inclining towards the BBK at the moment :blink:


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i've never been a fan of bbk's parts..

score an edlebrock victor X

JG is no longer with edlebrock.