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went to the bar tonight and the girl served me my beer in a glass, which is normal for this crap town. when I asked her if she had a mason jar, she smiled and brought me the jar, with her phone number... so I now ask this question:
how do you drink your beer???
out of the can/bottle, a mason jar, or out of a yuppie glass.
Originally posted by Battle Pope@Aug 6 2005, 02:36 AM
why the hell would you drink beer from a mason jar? or anything else aside from the container it came in?
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...because of different flavors.

I'm not a drinker 99% of the time, but come on.

Why would you pay extra to buy a bottled beer rather than a canned beer? The consumer pays more money for the higher quality taste. What high quality beer comes in canned containers? None that I can think of, some can argue guiness but...

Same thing goes with why buy a clear plastic container to get water from, then bottled water thats in a milk container? The water that came in a milk jug container, has that plastic flavor rub off moreso than a clear plastic container.
Many people can vouch for me that I drink beer out of a beer bong more than 50% of the time. The other times, it's usually strait from the longneck bottles, or frosty mugs--fuck cans, where do you think I live, Colorado? :p
To answer the original question, I really don't care what I drink from because I'm not all too fond of beer. I'm a college kid so it usually comes from a keg or cans but I've had my fair share of bottled beer. Best beer that I've come across was Newcastle, but I also was fairly lit up from drinking other beer, before I tasted my first Newcastle that tasted incredible rather than tasting like drinking piss like all other beer does to me.

I've tried heiny, bud, bud light, coors, coors light, corona, sam, teqeeza, off the top of my head in bottles.

I do enjoy a corona but only with a lime, occasionally. Bring on the hard liquor for me, vodka man.
yes bacardi, vodka or hard liquor is my choice.

But as for beer, it's usually in cans and Budwieser. I perfer bottles, but we always end up getting cans.


Most of the time, a bottle. I got a pitcher at Peanuts on Thursday night with a glass, and Piere's has plastic cups.
Originally posted by Calesta@Aug 6 2005, 10:07 AM
Bottles or a yuppie glass.
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I like to buy corona's but if Im not buying i'll drink whatever ...I also like coors light...I dont know..They all taste good to me except budweiser....<--It sucks...

You guys should try coquito sometime...Now thats the shit...and for the ladies, go for some mamajuana....ever had that? didn't think so...! :p
Originally posted by Battle Pope@Aug 6 2005, 03:36 AM
why the hell would you drink beer from a mason jar? or anything else aside from the container it came in?
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oO and :werd: to ^^^^^
Straight from the bottle or a frosty mug. "Beer ain't beer out of a can" as my cousin would say, lol. Never heared of the mason jar thing.

My opinions: (opinion meaning I'm not willing to fight to the death over this, and am not calling your beer shit, unless its natural light or schlitz)

Best light beer: Coors Light
Best dark beer: Shiner Bock
Damn good beer: Michelob Honey Lager (if you haven't tried it, try it!)


Killians in a bottle if I feel like drinking good beer.

Bud light in cans if I just wanna get drunk.

Jagermeister + Redbull, if I have money at the time, or wanna get sloshed.
i had to post again..

I hate the taste of beer until I have 3-4. Like yesterday we slammed a 12 pack each and were taking shots of bacardi. After a few shots and a couple beers, it doesn't matter what you drink cause you should be tipsy by then and it all tastes the same. At the end of the night we couldn't stand. Got the chick claim designated driver and drive me home. :p
how'd i know this was comming

Im not. I drink like that ONCE IN A WHILE. The last time I drank like that was months ago. A few beers here and there and I'm usually good.
I always drink straight out of the bottle or can. When I'm chugging I use a beer glass though to get less foam. :D

Best Beer ----> Bud or Coors Light.... Depending how I'm Feeling