best b20/vtec header?????

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i'm working on a n/a b20/vtec to go in my crx, i just got my block back from the shop bored to 85mm. i think i'm going with the rs 12:1 pistons not sure on rods yet. what's the best header for this setup? currently have a greddy 421 header but not sure it will work with the b20 swap. i drag it mostly and drive around but it's not a daily. any tips or suggestions welcome. list of mods are:
b20b block 85mm
pistons (coming soon)
rods (undecided)
arp rod bolts
fidanza 7.5lb flywheel
exedy stage 1 clucth kit
acl main/rod/thrust race bearings
b16 head with port and polish
dh racing dual valve spring/retainers
(was a little iffy about them but they're working great)
brian crower stage 2 cams
buddy club cam gears
accel 370cc injectors
power products typhoon intake port matched
hondata intake gasket
power products 68mm throttle body port matched
b&m fuel pressure regulator
nology wires and coil
custom chipped ecu (modified mugen program burned by my buddy)
password jdm carbon power chamber intake
custom 3" exhaust/no cat with an apexi n1 muffler
Yep I'd go for hytech. There are some decent replicas on ebay that can be had for far less too.