Best Engine Swap For 95 Integra Ls

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Hey racers! I'm curious what the best engine is to swap into a 95 Teg LS?

PS: also, what is the best engine to Swap into a 92 or higher Civi Hatch-Back?

Thanks for your help!

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If you already have the LS you can convert it to a LS/vtec.As for the civic it depends on the year 92-95 B16AsiRII,B18C1 94-95,B18B,94-95,if it is later same engines just adust year for the correct OBD to match the car.


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i agree, if you already have an ls. convert it to vtec, build up bottom end first, then slap on vtec head.

for the civic. if you want an n/a beast, h22


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what are you looking at doing? Do you want to drag or roadrace/autoX? For drag i would build the LS for turbo and if your going for roadraceing/autoX, i would convert you engine to a LSvtec.


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I was in the same delemma except mine a 92 ls. i'm going with the ls vtec. B16 head and pistons. arp head studs. mild rebuild on the bottom end (new crank and rod bearings). but I'm building mine to handle as well. if your just interested in speed you might wanna check into a turbo


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keep the B18B
drop in some JDM B16 pistons (that gets you an 11:1 CR)
do a nice port and polish on the head
get some nice big ass non-vtec cams (crower 404 or bigger)
get a skunk2 intake manifold
get a good header

now you have a sick ass engine that will run circles around an ITR for a fraction of the price

spend the rest on brakes and suspension


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go h22 frankenstien if thats what you are looking for but that takes money not skill if youre going to spend that go to a auction and buy the whole dam crv go all wheel drive to well youre at it why not go for the nsx swap come on swap some thing to be proud off not broke from :mellow: