Best Exhaust Note On A B16

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I've got a tanabe racing medalion on my rex right now (no b16 as of yet) and love the sound. With the silencer, its smooth and deep, without it, its a fucking racecar sound like few other hondas can make. I'm trying to find an exhaust for my buddy jake (we're both doin our swaps this summer) and was wondering if anything compared to the racing medallion for that good deep sound. He's not trying to bite my whole setup so he wants something with a similiar sound, just not the same make. Apexi-N1 maybe?
I think the N1 was the really loud one. I think that the WS is the quieter one and everyone says that the sound that it makes is great. I have heard a few people rave about the new mugen loop exhaust but be willing to shell out 600 just on the rear section
yeah i have a 5Zigen Fireball exhaust for my B16A..and its hella deep..sounds smooth..and when Vtec hits you know it..but serioulsy i havent had any probs with mine..i think it sounds good..its loud but smooth..not annoying..
I used to have an N-1 on my si and if you don't like racecar sound DO NOT get it because those shits are loud as fuck, especially in VTEC. i agree with asmallsol. get the WS, the sound isnt too bad and it looks stock, which i like.
The WS doesn't look stock,it just looks less like some tacky ricer,and more like an exhaust.
I heard an N1 on an late nineties impreza and about creamed myself. Granted it was a rice looker (like my tanaby) but man, that thing was DEEP. Iknow its a different engine, obviously, but man! i'd kill to have my car sound like that. Does the WS sound deep or just not loud, whats up?
i have the tanabe racing medallion on my car with my b16, i love the sound of it :)