Best Suspension Setup for High HP Street car

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I have another build thread on this forum. I need some help/suggestions. I need a new suspension and I don't mind spending money on a decent setup but I don't want to waste money either.

Once the car is complete I will be making over 700whp. But its a street car. I need something that will put the power down and help with traction. But I don't want to kill my neck or back either.

I've been reading about the Blox Drag Suspension and the Skunk2 Pro S II's.

I don't know if I should go custom or what.

I currently have skunk2 struts with ground control coilover sleeves and skunk2/blox camber kits all around. They are actually pretty sturdy and don't sag. But I was only making 350whp with those. I keep reading a lot of mixed reviews. So any help would be greatly appreciated. As I only want to make this purchase once. Thanks in advance for your help.
Car is a 2000 honda civic ex

Will be making over 700whp as previously stated. I have solid engine mounts, solid torque mounts, traction bar, front and rear strut bars, I have skunk2 upper control arms with blox camber kit's all the way around with the skunk2 strut's with ground control coil overs.

I think I'm going to keep my current setup. It seems more stiff over a stock setup they way I have it. So far it seems to be a pretty sturdy setup. Car does a good job going in a straight line. However I was only making 350whp before. I will be making more than double the whp as before. With a 100% built motor. That can rev to 9500 with ease.

The only problem I think I will have is that I need to increase my height because I will be running bigger tires. 235/50/15's on the front with 15x8 wheels. I don't know if I will have enough height adjustment so the tires will clear. I will find out in a couple of months once my motor gets back and I start getting everything together.

In the mean time I think more important than suspension is a good quality brake system. I think I'm ganna go with Wilwoods BBK. And will use stock rotors and calipers on rears with good quality brake pads.
Keep your current setup. There are plenty of 500+ whp Civics out there that are running basic coilovers.

If you're worried about clearing tires, you can always take a measurement from the center of the wheel to the bottom of the fender. That's a 24.3" tire so you'd need at ~12" from the center of the wheel to the bottom of the fender to clear. I'd add an inch for comfort and say 13".
I have a set of AMR coilovers for sale. Less than 100 miles on them. Look into them and, if you're interested, let me know.