Best T-Shirt Ever

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Bought this at Nopi for her.




Originally posted by CarAudiophile@Jul 25 2005, 05:58 PM
Yeah.. I ain't no young buck.. (26)

I got it at the Nopi show. One of those T-Shirts place.
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Oh come on... I'm older than you and I'm nowhere near having a kid. :)
werd, i;m 25, no kids yet... prob never but the thought has been crossing my mind lately...

if only womne weren't so fruckin nuts...

nice shirt and cute kid...
I am a College Drop Out. :)

Then I found out I am a good sales man and can make a good living were I am at doing that without a degree.

I plan on going back though. And all women are nuts. You just have to find the less nutty ones.