Best turbo setup, EVER.

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that guy lives near me, never seen that car on the road though

theres some fast cars in pensecola/panhandle of florida.
that 600 whp evo and the srt4/ta/2 stangs are all from around the pensecola area.


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My heart cries out for revenge. That is such an abomination. The owner of that car should be called Dr. Frankenstein.


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all other things aside, why didnt he mount it like an entire foot lower, it still would have been nastily protruding from his hood, and had a shorter manifold, shorter IC pipes, and ultimately looked LESS gay.


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But like others said on that forum... It supposedly runs in the 7's. I think I would be laughing a lot harder at someone who had a shitload of money into body-kits and wheels and pretended to be fast when they lost to this pile. On a sidenote, I saw a Camaro lose to an old school sentra that looked almost as bad as this car. That was funny.