Best Wax

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The other day I waxed my car and today it rain. This is a testiment on how good this wax is.

This is the trunk. Anyone with a sol knows water pools here alot. Look at how it beaded.

One of the top

One more of the trunk.

I give it :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Price was only 11 dollars a bottle at costco and it came with a free bottle of spray on detailing stuff (still have not used the detailing spray) This is the best wax I have ever used.

(BTW if any mods think this should not be in General Tech, feel free to move to anything goes)
Meguiar's baby, nothin but Meguiars. Hell I haven't waxed my car in about a month and 5 rains later, it's still bootyfull.