Beverage Distributors Online?

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So i have noticed you can get most things cheaper online than you can locally...

So I'm looking for a site to get beer or alcoholic beverages...

gas station price of my prefered drink = 9 bucks a 6
walmart price = 7 ish?
local beverage center = 7-8 ish

i just took back 89 - 6 packs... :blink:
wait a second, that doesn't sell ALCOHOLIC beverages

but they do have mtn dew in glass bottles :)


Staff member
it is illegal.

and EXPENSIVE wine is controversial, but currently legal in a few states... ct being one of them.
Wine: Only certain states allow the shipment of wine across their borders. We ship only to 10 different states commonly referred to as reciprocal states. Those states are: Alaska, California, Idaho, Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.

The laws in each individual state are constantly under scrutiny and in many cases are being challenged. For an up-to-date detailed explanation of shipping wine to any state in the U.S., please visit

Beer and Spirits: items can only be shipped within California.

Food & Non-food: items can be shipped anywhere in the United States.