Big big ef trouble

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Ok so here's the issue i bought a 91 honda civic w/sohc v-tech for $900 car is in great shape its definitely a keeper. So here's my issue today we go to the tag agency where we tell them that he's moving and giving me the car as a gift but we couldn't get title transfered in my name because previous seller had put a lean back in 2001 on it which seller had no idea of. Dont ask me y cause i wouldn't be able to tell u y. And now we would have to get this lean off title by this dude who put the lean on it so i wouldn't have an issue. The problem is we cant find this dude, Wat the hell can I do? I really like the car but I already know worst case scenario imma lose it. Any suggestions on wat i can do or should i just rice it
sounds like a tough one.

He probably knew about the lean or forgot about it. Don't know what you would do in this situation in particular:confused:. I'm interested in hearing this answer as well. DMV should have him on record or something to contact I would hope.
the deal sounds sketchy to me overall, see what the DMV will do to contact the person for you, or just ask the DMV what they recommend to do.

Maybe calling your insurance company, sometimes they have random information like this on what to do.
Buy a totaled one and swap vins, might work. Obviously a last case scenario
or the more LEGAL way is to buy a nicer shell and swap everything into it. It's still not recommend and can still be bad, its still like stealing a car.

but still that lean was, and probably is there for a reason.
i think thats wat i just may do but damn was the car worth the 900 all i had to do to it was connect the v tech thats it but hey u win some u lose some in this case i guess i lost