big cam

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Me too, but a douche at the Good Guys show up here in the NW ruined cams that sound like that for me. Read my next coment....

ok... that car is such a waste.

sick motor, but you know its never been down the drag strip.

A guy up here has a cherry 69 Cevelle with a supreme body and paint job, a motor that Id kill for, and more nitrous than I could run on all the cars in my driveway, combined. I talked to him for a bit, of course I asked him what it would run in the 1/4. His response was, "How the fuck should I know, I never ran this thing!" I didnt even reply, just walked away.

his car has a surging idle.

the next time you see that guy, tell him to go to this website..
High or Surging Idle

No it doesnt. At a certain point in cam size, you cant run a reasonable idle without surge.
idle surrge on that think is also from the blower all big blower motoers that dont have a bypass system surge like that.