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Well yesterday my teins came in. They look so bad ass. They were in great condition, only had to clean them up a little. Also Last night I lubed the threads all up.

Today my LCA's came so now I can put the teins on.

Last thing that showed up was my megnetic #'s for autoX that Gabe made for me. They look extremly clean. Will be using them this weekend.

Only thing that has not shown up yet is my wheel from Rota. They called this friday saying that they sent the package out. With my LCA's, I ordered them Tuesday, got them today (thursday). The LCA's and wheel are both coming from Cali, what a diffrance Priority Mail makes (USPS > UPS).

Anyways just a bunch of rambiling on and on
:thumbsup:!! cool! hope that rota shows up in time. glad u like the magnets! :D ...oh i see u changed your avatar. sorry man. that old one was really cool too.


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Originally posted by B16+Apr 4 2003, 10:20 AM-->
@Apr 4 2003, 12:17 AM
pics would make this thread so much better


I agree...

Clean thread, yummy. There was a very small amount of rust on them but I cleaned them up with a brush and them wiped them down with Silicone gel (dilectric grease)



Now for gabes work...

These are NOT vinal stick ons, they are magnets so that way i can take them off after the autoX is done.

They are 10 inches in diameter and can be fliped around to 19 or 61. They look so nice. Plus gabe is suck a good guy, he said that I would not have to give him the money until I recived them, and even now, he still has not sent me back his paypall addy. Gabe :thumbsup:

I would have put them on my car but my car is dirty and it is cold and rainy today

Now for chris. I bought used ITR rear LCA's for a good price. Anyways when they show up, on is good, the other one is in bad condition. PM Chris and call up Rcrewracing (his shop) They say that they will ship me out another PAIR and said that I do not even have to send my other ones back. Now that is good customer service. :thumbsup: to chris @ Here is a pic of the bad one, notice the one on the left

I am so glad I went through a company/guy that is trust otherwise I would have to send my old ones back, wait for them to arrive there, then wait for a week, finally call me then wait another week for it to return like rota (still have not gotten it back and they called a week ago :( ) Again Rcrewracing customer service OWNS.


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Originally posted by asmallsol@Apr 4 2003, 01:30 PM
Again Rcrewracing customer service OWNS.

yes, dan is the man! i'm at his shop often getting good deals off him :) last purchased was ITR fly/pp/clutch all for $140


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another big smile, my replacement rota finally came in. Now I am going to run them in the autoX tommrow (the autoX is 200 miles away so that will be my tire brake in)