Black cars...

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I made the millionth post

-I was going to fire the CRX up and bring it out front for the pic, but I thought it'd be overkill
I was talking about this one...

yeah, i was just going to say, when did you get a vr4? i've been trying to buy one of those for like 5 years.
they either don't run, don't have a motor, or they want 10 grand for 'em... which is why i don't have one. :(
I got it about a month ago...

It ran and drove fine....pretty quick actually, I'm just doing the water pump/t-belt/some maintenance because it sat in a barn for the last year

-7k miles total on it in the last 5 years

I'm also doing some new go-fast (and stop-fast) parts while its apart :)

It made 289awhp at F1 dyno 2 years ago (on a stock JDM ECU)...

I'm going to bring it to Dentsport once its back together for a quick AFC tune and see what it does
if you decide to sell it, remember me before you do :)
Wow, F1 dyno. That's going back a few. Shame they still aren't around.

DSG are good people, they get a lot of parts from us and they guys who they send up are always cool.
I like the Z too. I'll probably end up getting one someday, they're priced fairly cheaply considering how nice of cars they are.
hmmm i want a 370 now... i still dig the hell out of the 350, but man i looked at a 370 at the car show last weekend, and holeee shizz im gettin one... as soon as i get the sgn on bonus from the naveeee!! all Z's that have ever graced the streets have/are/will always be sexy. period.

i would even rock a pink (pick a number) Z
I have honestly never looked for a pink Z...but I guess they do exist...:ph34r:
You could be correct... I looked in the door jambs and they look pretty red to me...