Black cover on the shock?


I'm helping my bro install some aftermarket shocks and on the stock shocks, there is a black cover that goes over the bump stop. The cover doesn't fit on the new shocks so I didn't put it on. Do I really need that on there? I could imagine that all it does is protect it from any debris, but I doubt that it's really important.

Let me know. Thanks.


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hey bro i recently installed shocks with my bro i had the same problem that black top metal would nt fit on my koni yellow shocks so i didnt install it with it, i figure its a dust protectant
you need to be mroe specific about the black cover.

if you are talking about the inside top dome piece, you need that. thats what the top of the shock rest on in the underside of the wheel well.

if you're referring to a dust cover, you don't have to use it, but you should