Black Dial Gauge Face Kits

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Junior Member
I have a 94 civic hatch. Ever since I first bought it (feb 94) I've had a problem with the way the gauge cluster lights up at night. Unless I have the dimmer turned all the way down, the light from the cluster shines on to the top of the steering column and then bounces up on to the windshield causing a really annoying glare that's right at eye level.

I'd like to put in a back lit gauge face. i've seen some of them look pretty cool at night when they are lit up. The face is dark and only the numbers and letters light up. But during the day, they look like shit because the face is white and I refuse to install one, even if it was free.

I want a kit that looks stock with a black face and white colored numbers that are back lit. Anybody know of any or where I could get one?