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i was surfing the net and ran across a guy who painted his muffler black with some high temp paint. I like it.. i think it looks a little more discreet. vs the bling bling.. but thats just my opinion.. i figured i would show some of you incase you liked it and wanted it to do it for yourselves. i think it draws less attention...




Looks good, I like it. Much better than the carbon fiber wrap my friends muffler has.
I was looking at the SEMA pictures a friend took last week in LV, and Apex is making adonized color mufflers now.
i am planning on doing that just have not gotten around to it
Thanks for the edit. I'll do Hondaswap next time. That was back in February.

Paragus- my car is white. :D
i used to have my exhaust painted black (the visible parts), and it did look better, cause it covered up the rust, and if you put enough high temp paint on there, the rust doesnt resurface. i think im gonna have to do the same to my new cat-back system cause its starting to show some rust and its only like 2-3months old. but i am gonna keep my blinging 3A racing chrome tip nice and shiny :)
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Nov 13 2002, 05:15 AM
hehe nice photoshop job

im thinking that was microsoft paint- and if so:


haha that is the first time i have used a "hello and..." sentence :ph34r: