Bleh! New thing to wrench on!

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Been away a while (also driving a ford) but I found something I wanted and it seems I'm back in the honda game.. I'll try to get some more pics of it this weekend.

Having some issues uploading pictures on my phone. I'll try andget some good ones this weekend and upload them via pc.
1990 civic si

It's all stock besides koing ultralight wheels and drilled and slotted rotors on the front.. it's so nice and stock I almost don't want to do anything to it though. I was thinking about just cleaning it up and respraying it black but I have a old ls I'm gonna put in it and put the old d in storage.

One question I have is I thought all the si's came with rear disc? It has drums on the rear but the undercoat doesn't look to be broken on any of the bolts.
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Looking at majestic hondas parts catalog and from what I see I believe only the 90-91 crx si's came with rear disc


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I garuntee 90-91 si's had rear brakes if you have the later bumpers etc. Could be a early 90 marketed in 89 maybeee ? Also honda of canada/mexico plant has misc differences IIRC
Better late than never
It has a few flaws I'll be posting up but it has been very well taken care of it drives like a dream there isn't a part suspension wise that's worn the tie rod ends, ball joints, wheels bearings, axles and struts have all been replaced the entire a/c system is new and blows cold and the old d16 runs like a purrrfect it doesn't even grind a gear
Eh, a little cosmetic TLC and it'll be a nice ride! Good find.