Body Kits For 92+ Prelude

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I ordered a Combat kit for my '92 Lude and after it came in it was appearent that it doesn't fit very well. I was wondering if anyone knew of a quality maker of body kits for the '92 - '96 Prelude.

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1992 Honda Prelude 4WS/Si 2.3L VTEC


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yea you can... but why you would try to make a 4ws fast is beyond me... anyhow, stick with something like a mugen lip for the lude... body kits are ugly as dog shit on a retards face... you dont want people thinking that when they look at your car do you?


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All I wanted to know is if any one could help me find a kit that would fit the '92 Lude with very little extra fabrication. The front and rear bumpers need to be replaced and I am more interested in putting something on that looks a bit better than the original.


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IMO EVERY prelude kit is booty. also... IMHO get a mugen lip and call it a day :shrug2:


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This is in the 2% I like and am thinking about. Just the front lip.
Originally posted by BlackJDMdeath@Mar 28 2003, 04:28 AM
thats an accord dude...

thats what prowler drives.

as for the prelude, see if C-west makes a kit for your car, or Bomex. i dont think Veilside does, but you might try and check. any of those brands will have a perfect fit.

Dan 91T

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I used to own a 92 prelude (yes you can swap the vtec head on and make more power than the H22) and I always liked the black widow lip (I think thats what it was) Unfortunatly all my pics are on my old comp... I know one thing that fits perfect JDM headlights :thumbsup:

Anyway, if you want I can try to dig up some pics and stuff.