Boost and a dry setup???


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if i have a single cam ZC and i have a greddy kit with a front mount and a DSM blow off valve would or could it be safe to add a 50? I want to know also if i could run 2 setups of 50 shots and how would that work as well...2 single stage nitrous setups...would they work well or no??? the internals of this motor are stock...and i want to know if i run nitrous would if help the motor out and make it run richer or if it would lean it out???....ALso can i take a dry system and make it into a wet me out...AIM Relicude18 Yahoo Relicdudee18 contact me through those.


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50 dry shot is okay, but two of them would need extra fuel to keep it from leaning out. why dont you just buy a 100 wet system?

to make the dry system into a wet system; add fuel port and solenoid.