Boost build up

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i am thinking of building up my d16y7 for turbo use. I want to keep it a daily driver but I do want some decent power (more than my stock 100). anyone have ideas on pistons/rods/crank/cam/valves/headwork/etc for this engine. I would like to get any and every idea.

Also, does anyone have information on water injection. I've read that in small amounts it can act as a steam cleaner and boost horsepower as an octane booster.

Would it be smart to keep the stock transmission or upgrade?
can some one please answer the mans question? :D for my question is the same and i dont want to post when question already exists :ph34r:
If you have the money look into a DPR head...Dan Paramore Racing, sorry no link but im sure it's out there. Also look for The Old One...part of the energy dynamics page.

From what Ive read water injection has limited uses, a better set up maybe be the Nitrous express ntercooler spray set up.
Nitrous cools with expansion so it will always be cold when sprayed whereas water would have to be chilled and would quickly warm to ambient temps or hotter depending on where you put it.

Look in the mags for piston/rod combo deals. Hardcore Racing Products is one ad.

Limited slip differential for the tranny is a must, and a good clutch/flywheel set up for sure. Stronger axles can be an option if the budget allows.
im looking to swap a d15y7whatever ex vtec head on, is that ideal for turbo? i read that it is not to expensive, and everyone wants vtec :D , but im not trying to run to much psi, just enough to get me up there, and i dont want to have to worry about my engine, so new cams and pistons would be the right step? plus what trannys would bolt on my b15y7?
i really just want to know about building up my engine for good turbo use, the vtec head is just a want not a need, i sure wish i had the cash for that dpr head, but dan is one greddy mofo :ph34r: the vtec head just sounds like a good buy for the $$$
please dont flog me but will a good flywheel add horse power? please god