boost control prob! please help!

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That happend to me once, my boost controller didnt work and I boosted at like 14 psi. All I had to do is just watch my boost gauge and once it was starting to get past 7 psi, start releasing the throttle little by little.
scary stories, i also hav to chage to a tial wg, too many horror stories about delta. but then again im also goin to lower compression pistions and rings, so a lil more boost wouldnt hurt.
i think u miss understood what i meant pissedoffsol, i think boost spikes r horrible, but after the internal upgrades AND the tial wg, then a lil more boost wont hurt....
A friend of mine also had this problem but we found out that it wasn't a problem it actually is set for 9 psi. 6 upside down is 9. I know i found it hard to believe but apparently they don't offer a 6 pound spring in the delta gate. they do offer 5,7,9 and somethin else. keep an eye on it anyway and make sure it doesn't go past ten. good luck

I had the vac line going to my turbo come off and well the pic shows what happened
I had it set to 7PSI engine had 500 or so miles on it still breaking it in
lucky for me it was not tuned yet and did nothing but dump TONS of fuel and pull timing back
so far the engine 3000 miles later is still holding up just fine
I also run .75 bar for everyday driving till I get my 720s =)

Pissedofsol I thought the # 1 cause of blown engines was from the owners using delta wastegates

also if you guys are worried about over boosting you should install a pop off valve its on my list of things to do as with replacing all my vac hoses with steelbraided lines so it can't come off unless you take a wrench to it