Boost Leak/ Pressure Tester Write Up

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The Trisexual
I was explaing to this on an Audi forum so I decided HS could use a new write up.

Make a pressure tester, and check for leaks. :eek:

Go to home depot

-a silicone/rubber coupler to fit over the intake port of the compressor housing.
-PVC cap to fit INSIDE the coupler you just bought
-A valve stem or fitting

Building Procedure:

-Drill a hole in the PVC cap big enough to pit the valve stem
-Insert the valve stem and seal it
-Put the PVC cap in the coupler and clamp it down.

Operating Procedure:

-Remove intake tube from turbo, our case would be a filter and a short pipe probably
-Attach "pressure tester" and clamp it down

Attach some type of source to the valve stem to pressurize the intake tubes. (i use a regular air compressor)

Pressurize to about 10-15 lbs. That's what I do anyway, a little more shouldn't hurt.

Listen for leaks, they're easily noticeable with a hissing sound, also spray some soapy water over ever inch of the intake if you think you're missing something, it will bubble where there are leaks.

This is a >$10 tool that's extremely useful..

Believe me this works very well and can save you a buttload of money in unneccassary diagnosing.

Sorry for the crappy pics, but I still haven't bought a new digicam

Yes mine is ugly, but it works well.


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thats a pretty good idea, BUT i'm not sure it it's a good idea to force air into the turbo and have it also leak forced air into the exhaust ports of the head? i think it would be a better idea to just hook it up the the charge piping coming out of the turbo. But i could be wrong. Either way i think i'm going ot try it. Just going ot take the turbo out of the loop.


hrm, i'm not so sure myself. I just don't know either way if there are any adverse effects to putting pressure on the seals of a turbo.


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cant be very good because otherwise blowoff valves would not have a real purpose. I mean isnt that what they are for is to stop boost from heading back to the turbo when the throttlebody plate closes???


no- different concept. the bov is to prevent the turbo form having to stop/go backwards from the pressure surge back. this is going scross the seals.