boost question

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ok what is the correct amount of p.s.i. per compression. ok i have a mini-me d16y8 head with the standard y8/z6 head gasket and a zc bottomend all stock and my compresion should be 9.8 to 1. what is the safest amount i can boost. with a small audi smic.
what size turbo you getting? what kind of fuel management? Injector size etc? tell us what you plan to use and we can give you a rough estimate.

BTW: its not so much the PSI you run, its the power you are making and how well your ECU has been tuned. oh yea...FUCK SIDEMOUNTS.
it is a ct26 toyota supra turbo i got it for 40, and i want to use stock 92-96 lude injector (340 cc or cfm), i am going to be running a vasfc 2 and stock p28
don't use a stock p28 you need to get it chipped with crome or uberdata....but with stock honda motors you can get up to 230whp without blowing anything normally! that can be about up to 12 psi.....good luck!
here's somethign to think about. I'm boosting 12 psi with a T3 60 trim on my B16A which has 10.2:1 compression. Granted my rods will last longer than yours, but as long as you dont have detonation or try to make too much power you should be good to go.

Forget about honda injectors if you are going to boost. Get some DSM 450cc Blue tops, some OBD0 injector clips and a resistor box (if you dont already have one). Get your P28 chipped with uberdata and get a local tuner to street or DYNO tune your car. Dyno is prefered because you will know how much power you will make at a given PSI. I have seen stock Dseries make 250whp. I wouldnt expect mroe than 200 out of it though. If I were you I would shoot for about 170-180.
i just have alittle more get up and go that is all my next engine is going to be nuts :). if you want i can post pics of the turbo