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so im a complete NOOB in these forums... used to have an 01 lude with roughly 7k under the hood alone daily driven ran low 12s before it met a curb at 120 so i got an IS300 that most of my time and dedication goes into but i recently bought a 90 si and have been doing nothing but research for the past 3 weeks on this site along as others as to what exactly would be the best setup for boost so ill list my specs and then what i plan on doing see what i can get here:

90 si hatch
SOHC non-vtec zc block
full suspension setup name it its on there handles like a go-cart
ngk iridium plugs 1 step colder with ngk wires
dc headers
aem short ram intake
b&m fpr
clutch masters stage 1 clutch
70 shot NOS dry shot (just taken out today)
totally clueless as to what ecu im running

with that, i got a guy down in socal that is setting up a complete turbo kit for me... the kits consists of:

t25 (stock wrx turbo)
custom made log style manifold
30" fmic
all custom IC piping
blitz hks BOV
all lines and earls fittings

1200 installed (good friend price, basically only paying for parts)

ive seen the guys work his custom work is just awesome, i trust the setup...

my concerns are... what will i need to safely run this kit ?

what ive read is, injectors, intank or inline fuel pump, and ecu. but my problem is i have no idea what kinda injectors fuel pump or where and how to get my ecu programmed? i read about uberdata, yet nothing on where and how to get it, people say its free but doesnt make sense to me... are there any injectors off a different block that will work with my setup? anyone out there with a similar set-up that can give me a rough estimate on what kinda psi this block can handle? maybe what kinda power were talkin about here? just basically any recomandations or help will be great

dont mean to be a noob but as much as ive read into the forums and researched the archives i couldnt really get the direct answers i needed or even ideas of where to get half the things i might need. hope im not being a burden but any hlep will be appreciated
Originally posted by Speedracer228@Jun 29 2005, 07:14 AM
looks like you want a cheap home made sort of way to turbo your car

check out and read read read

GL on the build B)
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as much as i read into again they were only giving me ideas on where to get turbos and how to build manifolds, nothing specific about the build i was trying to do.

thanks for the help though much appreciated


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turboedit is what you want. its for obd0 cars, like you have.
you can get it free from

assuming your 90 si has a pm6, you can socket that ecu. 90-91 ecus are the ones you want. there's more documentation about that on

download turbo edit, grab a chip burner like the burn1 from and the xtronics romulator, a laptop with the software installed, and a wideband o2 sensor, and you're ready to get tuning.
being in cali, im sure theres a ton of people who can help you out if you don't think you can do it yourself.
look for dsm injectors (eclipse,talon, and laser)

i could tell you some other injectors but i don't know how hard it will be swap the injectors.


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oh yeah, i forgot that part :p

dsm 450's blue tops is what you want. turbo edit doesn't support (natively anyway) any larger injectors.

i just tuned a turbo dohc zc with 550's this weekend with turbo edit, and it was a pain in the ass, because there's no multiplier for anything bigger than 450's.

walbro 255 lph intank pump and the injectors is all you need.