Boosting A H22?

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lsvtec hatch93

Senior Member
i don't really know much about the H series. i need some advice on how to properly boost a H22 to 10 psi safely. recamendations or anything else you have to say.


WRX Sellout
Safely? Resleeve the block, run forged lower-compression pistons, get some new rods and make sure you know how to tune VTEC with a turbo.


Senior Member
make sure you have adequate fuel delivery as always, of course. you need to resleeve the h series block to run forged pistons, so i hope you have some cash layin around. with all that said, it will be a beast. and yes, without proper tuning, you might as well not do it at all, this should be on the top of your priority list!

lsvtec hatch93

Senior Member
i have an afc-v. would ta be good to use to tune it? it worked great in my ls/vtec
when you're car is boosted, all the extra pressurized air you're being fed into is raises the compression by a shit load so the lower compression pistons balances it out so you don't blow your motor....
correct if i'm wrong.... anybody