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i just want people's opinion on a perfect bore size for a 1.6L all motor high compression engine?
are you saying that you want to bore out the 1.6L block? is it a b series or d series?? or do you want to know what compression piston to run with stock bore?
You might get up to 1720cc if you can bore out to 78mm... but you'll have paper thin cylinder walls, and you probably can't go that high anyway.

Bore / stroke (D16Z6) / displacement:

75mm / 90mm / 1590cc
75.5mm / 90mm / 1612c
76mm / 90mm / 1633cc
77mm / 90mm / 1676cc
78mm / 90mm / 1720cc
79mm / 90mm / 1765cc
80mm / 90mm / 1810cc

I guess you could do it, but I doubt you'd be able to get to the higher bores...
is boring it out even worth it? like will it give me that much tq and hp that it's worth cracking my cylinder head? and if u were forced to use this engine, which would u go with or wut would u do to the bottom end, including dimensions