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probei4: derka
theciviccxdriver: amed derka muhammed ali
theciviccxdriver: derka
probei4: derka derka ali amalak
theciviccxdriver: habib derka derkia ali
probei4: habib derka derka ali?? muhaaaammmmeeeeed!!!
theciviccxdriver: muhammed mahammed
theciviccxdriver: derka
probei4: derka muhammed!
theciviccxdriver: derka derka
theciviccxdriver: :-D
probei4: ali derka muhammed bin rasheed
theciviccxdriver: lol
theciviccxdriver: mohammed bin wissam derka
theciviccxdriver: derka
probei4: bbarrrket jin balleemacort
theciviccxdriver: ?
probei4: derka ali ammalak