bottom end build up problem HELP

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im puttn b16 pistons in my ls block the pistions are on ls rods with new rings and bearings but here the problem when i tighten the rod bolts ( arp on's at that ) the motors locked up i cant turn it over. im using 23 pd like the book calls for but its locked up tight and when i back them off the motor will turn over. so whats up with this shit?
when i tighten up the rod bolts on the rods to 23 ft pounds i cant turn the motor over with a wrench on the crank. it locks up the motor but if i back them off i can.
Did you use and oil on the bearings when you put it together? Is the head on or off the car? If it is on the car, are your spark plug in? Are your cams timed? It is possible that you are hitting a valve if you have not timed the cams out or if they are not timed correctly.