bought a bike today

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welp guys i finally broke down and bought a bike today, rode it for the first time a cuople of minutes ago and i love it. Its an 04 cbr 600rr with 2700 miles on it. black and silver color scheme, pics will come later tonight...well anyway im off to work now just thought id share some of my excitement with u guys :D :D


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get gear, wear a helmet ALWAYS, and don't become a fucking squid :)
congrats. be safe


Congrats on the bike. Like B said full gear from the 700 dollar helmet down to the boots. If I bought a bike I would think that would make me even cooler :p Have fun and be safe!!!
Ditto on the gear.

Jacket, gloves and a GOOD helmet at the very least. if you don't have enough money to buy those three things then you do not have enough money to ride a bike.
:toot: :toot: for the cbr. i got a 99 900rr. i cant tell you to wear a helmet cu sometimes i dont but def a pair of gloves cuz when you go down thats the first thing hitting.


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E wouldn't be alive today if he didn't have one on.
not screwing around... a truck just "never saw him"

don't end up being a statistic.

strap up, dome cap on, and have fun.
ive worn a helmet every time ive ridden it so far and plan to as long as i ride also by law i have to wear it till i get my license and then for the first yr of having my license as to come tonight
dave just got a bike too... i like it. soon i'm going to get myself one. :D motorcycle mistique... w00t!!

this is his new saki bomb ('01 kawi zx6r) it only had 2300 miles on it when he got it too. great deal :)



...ALWAYS... wear a helmet and leathers. god. or end up like indian larry.