Bought a new car


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So this saturday i go to pick up my new 90 CRX Si. Im pretty pumped, ive always wanted a CRX. no real plans for this car as of yet, though im sure i'll start fucking with it.

On the downside, the Sol went into the shop last monday, and i still dont have her back yet. First they said friday, then it was monday. Monday they said Tuesday night. Tuesday they said call back this afternoon. This afternoon they say tomorrow around 11. I hate that i keep getting excited, and then let down.

They are telling me that the alignemnt is all screwey...Caster is something like +2 on the left, -3 on the right. Not caused by the accident according to them. I dont know whats going on, the guy also tells me they set camber to -.1 on the left, and -1.0 on the right, and that everything is green and good. WTF!!! i just want to fucking car back so i can align it myself. i'll figure something out with the alignment myself, just gimme my fucking car!

The body shop = :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Their in-house tire/alignment place = :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

When shops say your car is ready one day, just add 7 to whatever day they tell you and it will be ready in 7 days from that.

So if they say Monday March 22nd, they really mean Monday, March 29th.

I hate shops for that.


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ETA on car arrival ^ 3 always the case....... :)

nice job on the CRX....clean ones are tough to come by


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i hear what you mean about adding 7 days to the estimate. its starting to seem more like 7 months. it sucks too cuz i drive by and see her outside, makes me think its done, and then its not.

yeah, the rex has just started to rust in the rear fenders where they all do. but there should be enough metal there for me to remove the rust and fix it. if not, ill have my buddy weld in some new sheet metal before it gets outta hand. Its a nice white one, bone stock, nice straight body (accept for 2 small creases in the rear hatch, looks like a previous owner tried to get in without keys) other than those, its in pretty good shape.


Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Mar 18 2004, 12:43 AM
how is he adjusting your camber? hondas don't have camber adjustments

not without camber bolts or something.

my car has camber adjustment, stock, on all 4 wheels.

chris, im sorry that its taking so long to get your car fixed. i cant wait to autox with ya!! come down to bristol on the 4th!


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SWEET! got her back this afternoon.

B- I have skunk control arms up front, thats how they were adj the camber.

Well apparantly they were able to pull something off this morning. Finally went ot get her, drives real nice, looks great!!! except that its missing the civic chin spoiler, but another one will be there soon enough. the car is actually technically totalled, the total bill was $3600, car is valued between 2900 and 3100. but the body shop is fuckin awesome! Only thing that sucks is 1. under the hood is dusty as all hell. and 2. i need to replace the drivers side headlight and corner light, cuz the new ones on the passenger side are all nice and new and shiny.

the other nice thing is i had enough time today to get the Tanabes on. What a difference! its nice to not be driving on blown struts anymore. These things are awesome, cant wait to get the azenis on, and get autocrossing (though it looks like its gonna be cancelled this weekend)

So now its off to get the rex from Zane this saturday, and let the bank account recoop for a day or 2 :D



Sweet, its a good feeling to get your car back. I agree with the taking longer to get your car back. After my civic got rearended it took over a fucking week for me to get my car back. All the had to do was change the rear bumper (it was a 91 dx so it didnt have to be painted) put new bumper shocks on and put a washer on the rear valance to hold it back in place.