Brake conversion...need help

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Ok so I finally got off my ass and tried to change my rear shoes today....I noticed for some dumbass reason one side was bigger then the other....the dumbass that owned the car before me for some reason put a 96 drum on my driver side rear and left the 92 on my passenger I said screw this and im deciding to just do a rear disc swap..I need to know what I need to get becuase im going to the junkyard tommorow I think im gonna get them off a del sol Vtec what else can I find that has rear disc for my 1992 civic LX sedan...and a list of what I need I know I need the ebrake lines...caliper...rotor...what else do I need? o ya and the master cylinder thanks in advance guys...
Trailing arm, pretty much whole assembly, 94-01 integra will work also, maybe prop valve im not too sure about that, but make sure u get the ebrake cables, and a bigger m/c isn't a bad idea.
I think you need:

Calipers, rotors, rear trailing arms, etc. from common fitment car.
e-brake cable from civic EX w/abs or 99-00 Si (del sol and teg are too short iirc?)
prop valve from car you get the brake shit from
preferable upgrade to '91EX 15/16 master cylinder

I might be wrong on some things, but I think that's a lot of the stuff.
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this has been covered a million times, even 5 posts below yours.
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o ok ya I did a search but it wasn't very conclusive...OK so I can go to the junkyard and get the RTA...ebrake lines...rotors...calipers...prop valve...and master? and I can get all this from a 92-95 civic EX? or should I just get the 94-01 teggy....which would be better and how much should I expect to pay for all this...I only have about 150 dollars to spend on it :(
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I don't know how much of it you'll get for only 150 bones, but good luck.

'92-'95 EX models only have rear discs if they have ABS.
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grr well lets see if my bribing skills are up to par :p I really wish I had a plain platform to start with I think with just the lowering and headlights lol...I could do without the dysfunctional suspension and gonna post some pics up of my car so you guys can make fun of it lol....I gotta figure out how to do that though...does anyone have a write up of how to change all that shit? if not I might have to make one with pics lol
I found a write up on honda-tech its pretty good so im gonna go with that thanks guys!