Brake swap

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Can you install 94+ integra front brakes into a crx? I can get them for dirt cheap and i want to know if it is possible to do it before i get them.
Yes you can. Anything can be done, whether it can be done easily though, that's another matter.

Now I'm not all that up on my USDM crx's but iirc you guys all got hf or si spec cars? The teg brakes won't bolt straight onto the si hubs. You'll need to get a set of crx vtec/sir hubs or civic vti from the same years. Then they'll just bolt straight on.

I have a set of ctr brakes on mine. it took a bit of fiddling but was relatively easy. Those 300mm brakes stop the car in jig-time :D . And they fit under my Oz superleggeras.

Here is the best big brake write up (all 10 pages of it) that I know of. You'll need to check the specs and how they compare to the USDM spec. Here's the write up on the swap that I did.

Hope this helps.

Oh, and it's seriously well worth while :D :D B)
hey man i got a 89 rex. if you want "new" breaks. goto a junk yard, hit up a 90 -93 teg. its shit will bolt in. I reccomend all wheel disc. you can even get some stuff from a 92 or 93. anything higher up wont bolt in. if you do the rear conversion. make sure to get all the lines break and e break included.
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Use 90-91 civic ex 4dr front brake assem. with the hub and all. if you put a 90 and up integra front hub setup on you 4th gen civic then your caster will be positive and your wheels will hit your fenders.. i tried that dumb ass shit and fucked my car up. ex fronts are the same diameter brakes as integra brakes but they are designed for the ef/ed chassis

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Yeah well my car speaks for itself. atleast in a crx you can put up to 93 teg front susp on with no porblems.
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Yeah well my car speaks for itself. atleast in a crx you can put up to 93 teg front susp on with no porblems.
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Not extactly. Your alignment will be fuct up bad, either make sure you have a camber kit or a GOOD alignment shop.