Brakes clicking

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New Member
Okay, I've got a 99 EX with rear drum brakes, I just replaced my struts and now I have noticed a clicking noise coming from the right rear when I apply my brakes. Now I have noticed it do this before, but now it seems more pronounced as it's gotten colder and since my struts were just replaced. Anyone know what this could be? I replaced the rear shoes not even 6 months ago, so they are fine and can't be causing the noise. Can't figure out what it could be, and it's driving me nuts!
Did you grease everything up good? My 2000 ex had a clicking from my front passenger brake. But that's a disk brake, not drum. Not too sure, no experience with drums really. Even took mine off for disk in the rear, yay lol. On my front, it was lack of grease though. Hope that can help.
Well I can't see what would be causing it to click being drum brakes. I think it's something with the suspension. Or something rubbing or hitting the drum as it turns when I brake.