Brakes rubbing on rims

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I got some 92 integra front brakes today at a steal: $53.50 for the rotors and calipers on BOTH SIDES!!!!! They're in ok condition too :). 13" "rims" (my steelies) won't go on now. Can I just grind down the caliper to get them to fit or am I going to have to take out a loan and buy some fucking rims and new tires (gRRRRRRR!!!!!!!). Thanks


...PS - How do you put axles back together?!? I had to pull one apart cuz the was fucked up (one of the bearing was broken, but Steve is replacing it!! I LOVE YOU STEVE!!!) and now its really hard to get back together. Any tricks? Or do i just have to hold it "just right" so the axle cap thingy goes on? Thanks again!

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A guy on H-T had a thread were he ground down a couple mm off hte saddle, to fit under HX rims, so you may be able to do that, but if it were me, I'd just figure out how far they need to be off, and buy a couple thin spacers, 3-5mm.


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I am pretty sure that 13's no matter what will not fit on integra brakes, however, you can run 14's if you shave a little off your caliper (there is a good FAQ on about them in the civic/eg/ek forum). You dont have the shave your caliper for all rims. Del sol rims will fit over GSR brakes when HX wheels will not without modifications to the calipers.


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you can get some stock rims pretty cheap ... look around for a set of 14's or somethin


go to a junk yard, 14's with tires will be like 100 or 150 bucks...
or should be anyway

old VW alloys will work on your honda as well, and they are suspossed to be lighter and wider... good luck
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