Brand New Magnaflow Legal Hi-Flow Cat

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I have one brand new Magnaflow Hi flow cat, Never used and its 100 percent legal. It is for turbo applications. It has 2.5 inlet and outlets. Its not a crappy ebay cat. It comes with a lifetime warranty card from the manufactor. i payed 80 dollars for it and im asking 50 bucks shipped. I only take paypal. Thanks



GUess from teh look it is a generic no flange one? What's the length end to end?
Please do not purchase from this person as they have not paid me for a product that they received over two months ago. I have repeatedly requested final payment and am now being ignored after getting unfulfilled promises of payment.

If payment is made, I will only happily delete this post, however until that time I will maintain posting these or appropriate responses according to the site rules on each sale you have until final payment is received.

If you are considering purchasing this item please beware as this person has lacked integrity as of yet with online sales and purchases.