break in period

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i was told that when i get my b16 i need to get a compression test and leak down test.. then have a 500 mile break in period before i start to race that sucker? so i was thinking about taking my car the day i get it on a 400 mile trip up north? what do you guys think?


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I would always do a compression ck and leak down test on a new motor that you dont know the history of. Then go on your trip!


yeah man... just be careful on a trip.. i mean, its brand new in there... and if shit goes wrong, chances are its going to be right away...

if i were you, id try to take a different car on a long trip..

take 2 cell phones and get AAA :)


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is this a freshly built engine ??
if so I'd go with the break that dohcvtec_accord suggested.
It's also not a good idea to run a freshly built engine at the same rpm for long periods of time, which means driving 400-500 miles on the highway is a bad idea for a break in, you need to vary the rpm's for a while
its not a newly built engine. I just got it in from what do you think i shoudlnt' take the engine on a 400 mile trip?


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ah, so your gonna just toss it in your car.
well, I'de at least do a compresion test.
after you get it in oyu might run into some little quirks that have to be worked out, other than that if your confident with your workmanship, I don't see why you can't take it for a ride


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Well, if it's not newly built, I'd at least give it a few days to see how the swap goes like CRX-YEM said. Then road-trip that sucker.