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Well, I'm breaking in the new forum with the news that after 6 months, my car is FINALLY back together, and back on the road, kicking ass. New pics will be posted as soon as my hosting server decides to come back up...

Bad news: The turbo seals apparently dried up or cracked while in storage, so it smokes some when warming up, and when I boost hard, but GODDAMN it feels great to be boosted again :)

Here's a few of the things I added since the last time it ran.

1. I replaced my factory defective Clutchnet clutch with another of the same clutch. All problems experienced with my old clutch are gone, and I'm SUPER happy with the clutch feel and drivability. It's not broken in yet, so I haven't beat on it much, but it's really grippy. Just normally shifting pretty quickly will net me with a nice chirp from my new tires.

2. I sold my GReddy exhaust because it was too restrictive. Bought a full stainless steel Thermal R&D 3" turbo exhaust. It's louder, but it's a NICE deep mellow tone with the turbo, not harsh, fartcan, or Flowmaster sounding, fo sho.

3. I sold my 16" wheels off the car. No more bling blingin, but I got some steel gray Rota Subzero's in 15's that are 5-6 pounds lighter per wheel, PLUS some high performance Bridgestone Potenza S-03 tires. No more rubbing my fenders, FINALLY!!! Those badass Kyokugen lightweight black lugnuts are holding everything to the hubs as well. B)

*WARNING*: DO NOT buy anything from "128 Motorsports" out of Pacifica California!!! Gary Chung iwho runs the place is incompetent and jerked me around TWICE on these Rota's. First shipment I got was correct, except they were 5x100 lug pattern. I sent them back, he paid shipping (COD'd for shipping charges to make sure). I could not get in touch with him for two weeks, then I get a tracking number for the wheels you see plus ONE 16" SLIPSTREAM IN GUNMETALLIC?!?!. WTF, so now I've got 3 15" SUbzero's and one 16" Slipstream.

4. I added an Endyne Catch can to try to resolve some of the smoking issues I was running into. Turns out it was the turbo the whole time, not PCV, but this will still help crank case pressure evacuation, and keep things healthy in the future.

5. I added a MSD Blaster 2 coil that I got from a guy on Hondatech for a really good price.

6. TUNING TUNING TUNING!!! It's driving me nuts, we've spent 4-5 hours tuning the car with a wideband and my laptop and Z-Dyne, but I can still only get on the car at 1/4 throttle without causing a bad misfire, but at 1/4 throttle, 7PSI feels FUN as hell. I can't wait til I can really open the throttle and get some air a flowin'... 18 PSI, HERE I COME!!!

7. Just a personal preference. I put the stock taillights back on. No more clear tails, dawg, but I've still got green reverse lights :rolleyes:

[edit]New Pics!!!![/edit]














damn man, rinse that thing off or something. :unsure:

j/k dude, looks good. definitely like those rota wheels over the old ones
Originally posted by slohnda@Sep 30 2002, 01:02 AM
damn man, rinse that thing off or something. :unsure:

j/k dude, looks good. definitely like those rota wheels over the old ones

seriously! GOT DIRT??
Yeah, read the post fartknockers. You'll see why I have 1 GSR with the same tire as the other wheels ;)

They're 15x6.5 Steel Gray Subzero's.

The car's been put away for 6 months, and it was last driven before then on a gravel road... I'd say for not having been washed in 6 months, it's not too bad off.

Car's washed now, but I don't have access to a camera anymore :(
thats shitty about them sending you a 16 slipstream instead of the 15 subzero
Just remember all the dust is just a blurrrrrr as he flys by everyone.... everyone but me! ahhahhahhah sucker! lol hehehe =)