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To start off i haven't seen my girlfirend in over 2 months from being over in england for some summer program thingy. She is supposed to fly out from heathrow england tomorrow mornign but now cuz of some damn strike by the damn catering company for british airways all flights are cancelled till late friday night. My god this F*cking sucks! :angry: :angry: :angry:

Sorry i just had to vent :eek: :blink:
Where is she flying into? A connecting flight in NY will be 5 hours over the ocean. Shit, do what JetBlue does - gives you a snickers bar and tells you to shut the fuck up.
she is flying into boston. i just talked to my girlfriends sister and she found a flight that leaves from some random air port in england, then goes to belgium, then to somehwere else then to chicago then to boston. but hse would have to find/get to the airport in like 2 hours from now
a flight from the UK to Boston held over at O'Hare ? Fuck, I would strike too.