Bseries Parts For Sale

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i have changed my plans and i am selling all my b series parts...please buy them ASAP!!
Crower rods and JE pistons- pistons are 81mm 9 to 1 comp with rings and rod bearings...used but im great condition.....asling 700 for the set

AZ race blockgaurd- new, for ls, asking 50 shipped

AEM cam gears- new, asking 165 shipped

ARP head studs- new, for ls, asking 90 shipped

GSR axles and half-shaft, great condition, 200 plus shipping

Stock- ls head complete- 70 plus shipping
intake mani complete- 70 plus shipping
ls cams- 30 plus shipping
ls crank- 50 plus shipping
ls flywheel- 40 plus shipping
2 valve covers, one stock, one painted black and cut for gears

email me ASAP with your offers!! need to sell now
what year is the LS head from? And how "complete" is it when you say complete? Do you have the underdrive pulley for a '94 and up 'teg LS motor? PM me if you do....what other LS stuff do you have, all the motor mounts? thanks...ID :worthy:
ill let you kow about the head studs...have a guy interested but if he falls through, ill get back with you....thanx!