Buddy Club Spec II Exhaust

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New Member
I have a 93 civic dx sedan with a jdm b16a swap. the swap and everything is done and i was looking into an exhaust system to add to my goodies in the car. i came upon the Buddy Club Spec II cat-back system for the 4 dr. i like this exhaust because it sounds pretty good (thank you YouTube), doesn't have a coffee can as an exhaust tip, is light weight, and is in my price range (hs student). I was also thinking of getting a Magnaflow hi-flow direct bolt cat in addition to keep the flow going. I already have an aftermarket ceramic coated header installed. I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice or thoughts on this setup. I appreciate the help.
the funny thing was I acually thought it was "super duper" but nvm that. just a sugestion, have you hered of gready sp2? It really sounds awsome opon "flooring it" and quiet durring idle
haha see the only problem with pickin out products is that there are so many good ones...i like the buddy club cuz price and weight, but then the GReddy SP2 is tight, along with the A'PEXi WS2, and RSR ExMag. an ExMag would be sweet, just i can't constitute spendin $600 on a cat-back. the GReddy and APEXi are a little better price wise, but the Buddy Club still wins that battle. i just hope that if i buy a lightweight exhaust that isn't as expensive, then the thing will hold up well and not break from normal daily driving.