Build Being Put Together As You Read! :)

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94 Civic Coupe
Gutted trunk otherwise full interior

-B18a1 block
-ARP Rod Studs
-New OEM Rod Bearings

-B18a1 Head
-New Valve Stem Seals
-Crower Dual Valve Springs/Retainers
-Crower 404's
-Skunk2 Cam Gears
-Skunk2 Cam Seal
-ARP Head Studs
-Cometic HeadGasket
-Hondata Intake Mani Gasket
-Stock Intake Mani

-Revhard Turbo Kit
-Custom Dumptube
-Log Style Mani
-Garret 60 trim
-TurboSmart Wastegate
-Hallman Boost Controller
-Custom DownPipe
-Large Ebay Front Mount Kit

-Resurfaced Flywheel
-Exedy Organic
-Chipped P72
-Walbro 255
-Short Shifter
-AEM Wideband
-Boost/Oil Pressure Gauge
-3 Gauge Pillar Pod
-C&R Half Radiator
-Thermal Exhaust
-Drilled Rotors on front
-Slotted Rotors on Rear
-Tokico Struts/Coilovers

-New Front Bumper
-Type-R Lip
-New Rear Bumper
-New Fenders
-New Hood
-New WindShield
-New Rear Quarters
-Carbon Fiber Fuel Door
-New Nitto Neogen's
-I believe Drag DR-21's painted bronze
-Ran out of money so going black primer for now and stock injectors, going to run probably 6 lbs until new injectors.

Probably forgetting stuff.

What do you guys think?? Will get pics up as soon as i take some more!
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It's going to be my dd and yes 404's with boost. I heard it can be a pretty sick set-up and the motor is finally together. sounds great, havn't driven it yet, trying to find a tranny, not that i really need one, mine just grinds going into 3 every once and a while. And im located in Loudonville, OH. It's about 30 min from Mansfield.


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Also just bought a set of Precision 680's and put new lower and upper balljoints!


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404s have high overlap, im guessing you fix some of that with cam tuning.

what comp are you running? maybe nice with boosted 10:1 and up.


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Got tranny in, now wont start? replaced all grounds. Charged batter. You can hear the fuel pump kick on, then you turn the key over and it just clicks once and nothing. Anyone?