Building A B18b 92 Civic Hatch

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Hey i'm building up a 92 cixic hatch and I'm thinking about a b18b with a JRSC becides exaust and fuel upgrades is there anything I can do to extract some more power from my poor old daily driver :axe: mabie am intercooler? water injection? timing control? more boost? any sugestions? please let me know!!!
You can port & polish the head, get a good header and exhuast, cam gears, cams, bigger boost pulley, and who knows, you MIGHT be able to have the jrsc IM ported. Forged pistons, rods, etc. Then tranny mods to help put it down. Its endless :)
you can't intercooler a supercharger. thats for turbos.
aftercoolers exist, but are rare, expensive, and well- are they really worth it?
Ok, please tell me if I'm wrong but isn't an intercooler basically a raidator for the intake system desigined to lower the intake air temp. and if this is so, why couldn't a system like this be plumbed into the intake system of a car with a centrifical style supercharger. Its plain as day why one would not work on a roots type of system (ex 6-71 ect.) but why not just run the cold air intake into an "intercooler" right after the air filter and then into the inlet pipe up to the supercharger so basically your intake path would go through the air filter, to the "cooler" (mounted on the car intercooler fashon) up the pipe to the supercharger and into the motor from there. if I'm crazy please let me know but I think this could work!
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kinda sorta but not really. it functions nothign like a radiator, even though its made out of similar stuff.

basically, the compressed air passes through it- and the wind from you driving cools it down as it goes through.

now- with a supercharger, the compression happens right at the intake manifold and goes straight in, thus making piping or anything really hard to work in.

your point about running it before the 'charger-- its pointless. its not about cold air- its about cooling the hot air.

superchargers and turbo's make power by compressing air. heat is a byprouct of compression. so even if you are feeding it cold air, its only going to get hot when it is compressed.
As far as I know....
Turbo Charger spin the turbine with exhaust.....
that makes turbo EXTREAMLY hot......
there for the other side of tubine which spins for good air also hot
your incoming air will warm-up badly by the turbine.
To lower temp. of good air before go to the injection unit, all the turbo engine slove this issue by add intercooler.
Supercharger is not be able to wram incoming air up too much (Compare with turbocharger)
so adding intercooler might not give a lot of change in performance as turbo.
But it, certainly, just look COOL to have it on....... as far as I know