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I'm just recently purchased a JDM ZC for my '88 civic and I bought some Eagle rods and some SRP forged pistons and rings to go with. What else am I going to have to do to allow the bottom end to handle some horsepower? I am building up this engine to handle a 75 shot of n20 and about every bolt on there is, cams, intake, ignition, fuel, and so on. Then down the road, when I can afford it, but a light boost turbo on the engine. Will I need special bearings to allow the rods to fit the crankshaft or anything like that? Any advice or ideas would be great.

Thanks for the help.
when your rebuilding, put all new seals and gaskets in, check oil pump, get new rod bearings(your old ones will be color coded,just order the same color, i think mine were brown or green,)they may have to be ordered from japan, i had to in my case, stock sleeves should be fine with proper tuning, but if you want to go all out then get new sleeves, blockguard? me i wouldnt use one, im worried about proper cooling with one, stock honda crankshafts are good for about 450hp, you may want to get some arp headstuds,
If I was to get some arp headstuds, would I just get them for the d16z6, or for the USDM ZC? Also, what would the new sleeves get me? And where do you get sleeves, or would machine shop make them for me. I'm not quite sure what a blockgaurd is. Where can I order some new rod bearings from, can I just order them from a honda dealer? Thanks for your help.
yeah get the head studs for the head you are using, not the block.

are you building for all motor? or are you building for turbo later on?
building for na now, and boosting later will have some bad side effects.
building for turbo now, will have your car running pretty slow.

and don't buy iginition. its a waste of money. as is a fuel rail. they do nothing on top of what a stock one does
Arp doesnt make headstuds for the zc ,most places dont even know what a zc is, but they do make 89 integra headstuds which are the same as the zc(in my case), many "how to" websites that give zc info say the the arp headstuds for VW will fit the zc, i bought them and the machine shop said they dont fit, he phoned arp and gave the sizes and got the right ones, im not sure if different zc,s have different headstuds, your best bet would be to get the machine shop to measure the headstuds and phone arp so u dont buy ones that dont fit,( if anyone needs some VW headstuds, i have some new ones really cheap!), with the rod bearing just bring them to your local honda dealer , if he doesnt have them he,ll know where to get them from, with sleeves if your not boosting past 12pounds you probably wont need them but if you have the $(they are pretty pricey) then Golden eagle can make a set for the zc, or you can try darton, im not sure if they do the zc, a block guard goes on the top of your sleeve to prevent it from splitting or cracking under boost or if you have detonation, the only problem is is it supposedly prevents proper cooling to the top of the cylinder. What compression are your pistons ? if your NA you dont want them too low say like 9.1,and you dont want it to high if your going turbo( 10.5.1) i got mine done at 9.5.1 as i was NA then went to turbo, but the most important thing if going turbo is proper tuning
I'm planning on builiding for nitrous. I'm going to be running a 75 shot of Zex through the ZC once built and in the car. I was thinking that I would like to turbocharge the engine, but that would be a long while off. So for right now it will be n/a and occaisional n2o use. The comprssion ratio on my pistons is 9.1. So it's only slightly lower than stock. Are you saying that if I don't turbo the engine I would want my compression to be higher? Would 10.5 be too high to run nitrous or would it be better (and safer) to stay at the 9.1, or retain the stock 9.5? How about the head, other than the head studs. I'm going to port and polish the head and get new cams, should all of that be fine, or am I missing something up there too? Thanks for the help guys. :D
if you want headstuds get these from arp....i have a zc and these fit

6.5" studs ARP#204-44204 (1.8L VW Golf/Jetta) 11mm by 1.5mm thread

oh and there is no such thing as a USDM ZC....zc's were made in europe and japan

if you ppl need any information for a zc motor and turbo setups...i have a parts lists
longer than hell that can replace any piece that breaks and i have links that can show u how to aquire
hard to find pieces and how to make custom zc tranny axles....

well im out ppl....
The arp VW headstuds #204-4204 didnt fit on my zc, you may want to check and see if those will fit the zc before buying,